Creating custom colored Topo maps on GPS from GPSFileDepot maps.

Started by quicksilver35, November 20, 2017, 01:45:03 PM

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Just a quick question, I've been looking at a few maps on the site here and was interested in the Colorado Topographic map. I was wondering if there was a way I could change the pattern and color of the contour lines, by editing the .TYP file. I tried looking at the .TYP through TYPWiz 5, and it looked like there wasn't any correlation to the contour lines from this file. I've been wanting to change the contour lines to a different style, possibly change it so at a certain elevation add a green color for mountains and to change the contour line's color. Is there some way through this that anyone knows of and could offer some help?


The TYP file is only needed to change from Garmin defaults. The contours are types x20, x21 and x22 (minor, intermediate and major).

By adding entries to the TYP file you can override the default display.

There is no way to flex this according to altitude with an existing map. To do that, the map would need to have been compiled with different line types - such as 'minor contour over 5000 feet'.  Possible in theory but impracticable unless you have the source data or can write code to decompile the map and have the rights to do it.


It should be very easy to do this with a .typ file, the standard contour lines are MP_TYPE 0x20, 0x21 and 0x22 IIRC. You would need to create a new file if the map in question does not already have one. However, it has always been the policy of gpsfiledepot not to discuss modifying the work of another mapmaker, so I will won't post any specific instructions.


Haha, we posted at the same time. It's true, you would need to get more involved to change colors with elevation. I use some complex techniques on my own maps that involve a relational database to modify features according to calculations.

Really, it sounds like you should be making your own maps instead of changing the work of someone else. You could start with the free OSM maps maybe. Regarding the maps on this site, you need to realize that "free" is not the same thing as "open source". If you really want to change a map from this site, contact the author and get permission.