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Author Topic: garmin topo 24  (Read 1970 times)


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garmin topo 24
« on: November 10, 2017, 09:56:05 AM »
Hi this is my first time to use a forum of any kind.   I'm having trouble loading maps to my gps. I have both mapsource and basecamp. I also have garmin topo usa (100) and garmin topo 24. I live in the north west corner of Colorado and find myself crossing into Wyoming and back often when on my atv. I would like to make a single map of northwest Co and southwest Wy . Garmin topo 24 has them separated in two different sections southewest and north central. I own both. I would then like to put the smaller map on my nuvi 200. I would not be opposed to removing the street maps because I have several garmin gps units. My question is how do I do this. Also I would like to load the garmin maps onto my computer if possible. Thanks for any help


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Re: garmin topo 24
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2017, 12:03:08 PM »
You haven't told us enough to really answer this, but I'll try anyway. :) In what format did you purchase the topo map(s)? Are they on DVD? If so, then they should include an installer that you just run and the maps should appear in both Mapsource and Basecamp. The method for loading multiple maps varies depending on what GPS you use. With an older device (such as the Nuvi 200 and handhelds like the 60csx or eTrex Legend), use Mapsource and follow this tutorial: https://www.gpsfiledepot.com/tutorials/how-to-load-maps-on-my-garmin-gps-unit/#mapsource

Notice step #8 in the tutorial that tells you to repeat steps 2 through 7 for each map that you want to load. These older devices typically only recognize a single map file that must named gmapsupp.img. Mapsource takes care of all this and embeds the separate maps in that one file. On the GPS unit, just enable all the maps you want to see.

This technique also supposedly works with newer handhelds like the Oregon or Montana, but I have had some issues. If you use Basecamp/MapInstall, it should figure out the correct way to format the maps for these newer units.

This all assumed that you bought the DVD versions of the maps, which Garmin stopped selling a couple years ago. These old maps don't have any restrictions and can be installed on every Garmin device you own.

If you purchased the download versions then the news isn't so good. These maps cannot be installed into Basecamp or Mapsource and are an all or nothing proposition. You cannot select only a portion of the map, you must use the whole file. On an older device like the 60csx you could only use one map at a time in that case, since only one map file is allowed. On your Nuvi 200 you could put one file in the Garmin folder on the GPS and the other in the Garmin folder on a memory card. But the news is even worse, because these maps are also copy protected and only work on the GPS for which they were originally purchased (they become locked to it during the purchase process when you connect your GPS).

Garmin also sells maps on pre-loaded cards. They can be used on any gps, but only work on the original card so they can't be copied. Therefore you can only use them on one GPS at a time.