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Totally Clueless

Started by webefine, September 21, 2017, 11:53:20 AM

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I just need to know if there is any possible way to see the maps BobT made for WVATV2017 on my iPhone? I do not have a garmin, I use MapMyTracks when out in a new area and I record our trip. Heading to Burning Rock in Oct and would like to be able to find Outlaw trails to get me to Riders Paradise.

I have downloaded Trail Boss and Map Plus on my iPhone, but not sure if they accept downloaded maps



MapPlus will accept downloaded maps but not in Garmin format. To load Garmin maps into any iOS app will need conversion which raises technical and licence issues.

If you had an Android then the Orux app will display Garmin maps but not (IMHO) bery prettily.


I have not really looked at what BobT is doing, but he says his maps work in OruxMaps and Backcountry Navigator. I believe these Android apps use the mbtiles format. So if he offers mbtiles files, Map Plus can also use them.

These maps are not hosted at GPSFileDepot - see:

Why don't you just contact him directly?