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INstalling map from computer to my Garmin

Started by Michael Palmer, September 21, 2017, 08:23:29 AM

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Michael Palmer

I downloaded a map from this site to my computer. However, I'm too dumb to download (or install) it to my Garmin Montana 610. Help please. Thanks


Here's a simple procedure I posted here before.

Connect the GPS to your computer. After a minute or so, it should appear as a USB disk. If not, then there should be a menu on the GPS in the System Settings that controls this behavior.

I will assume you have properly installed your maps on the computer and that they are viewable in Basecamp. Find the Garmin MapInstall program and open it. On my Windows 7 computer it is in Program Files (x86) > Garmin > MapInstall (if using a Mac, it will be in the Applications folder).

MapInstall should open with a window asking to select the device you want to use. It should default to your connected GPS. If not, use the Find Devices button to locate it. Click the Continue button. You should now see a list of available maps that are installed on your computer as well as any maps already installed on the GPS.

Click the map you want to install. You should see a map on the right that indicates the area that it covers. If you don't want to install the full map, click the Advanced/Partial Install button. When you do this, you can zoom in and out and then select only the tiles you want to install. There is a dropdown menu at the bottom of this window that allows you to choose any map on your computer.

If you just want to install the whole map, you don't need to bother with all this, just click the continue button instead of the Advanced button. The window will now show a summary of everything that MapInstall is going to do. If it looks correct, click the install button. Now just wait for it to complete the process. Click the finish button and you're done.


You can also see this tutorial, but it is getting rather out of date:

Michael Palmer