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New To This Wide World - Montana 680T

Started by Equinox, August 20, 2017, 06:37:44 AM

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Hello people of this forum!

My name is Filip from Melbourne, Australia, and am new to this forum.

I have purchased my Garmin Montana 680T last night and am new to this club. i have a few questions for the gurus below;  8)

Q1: What tips and tricks can one advise once i receive the item?
Q2: Is the birdseye imagery worthwhile to subscribe to?
Q3: Is there any computer related things i can do with it? (I.e: retreive photos etc)


The single best thing you can do is spend the time to learn how to use the device.  Read the manual and practice practice and practice so you can use it confidently in the field.

Beyond that, what you can do largely depends on what you want to do. So what do you plan to be doing while using it? 


The garminblog Youtube channel has some good information to help you with tips on your Montana 680T.

Google searching whatever your need is once you get it will also just give you a straight answer. Cheers