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WVA trails software and map help

Started by mkt2745, August 24, 2017, 08:38:17 PM

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Not sure if this is the correct way to find out, but I am new to the utv world and also starting to visit wva trails.  I have heard that there is garmin software and maps that can be downloaded for free online. If this is true, would anyone be able to direct me to the proper software and maps for either an iPhone or iPad? I do have a garmin gps, but it's a few years old.  If anyone has any advice on how to get started please let me know.  Thanks


The maps on this site are in Garmin's format (or that is the intention, there may be a few exceptions). There is no software to use Garmin maps on an iPhone or iPad. Garmin intentionally avoids that market, even though it would be dead easy for them to make an app. They are too scared it will take away sales from their dedicated GPS units.

There are some very good apps on iOS, but they won't work with the Garmin maps on this site. I believe that BobT has posted some map packages that include GPX files however. Those files could be used in a variety of iOS maps so you could try contacting him:

Garmin also has a new iOS app resulting from their purchase of DeLorme last year. It will not work with the free maps here though, you have to purchase everything from Garmin.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.