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Adding Topo maps to Garmin 60CSX?

Started by Rocko9999, October 09, 2017, 05:40:02 PM

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For some reason I can't seem to figure out how to add some topo maps to a Garmin 60CSX gps I was given. Can someone explain it? I only need southern Califonia desert topos. Any help would be appreciated.


1. choose a map here: however do NOT choose one that is indicated as "transparent" - these maps do not work by themselves.

2. Follow this tutorial: you will need to download Basecamp first, see the link in the tutorial

3. Confirm that you can see the map on your computer in Basecamp. Some maps have an old bug that prevents them from working. If this happens, quit Basecamp and download/install this map. It has some "secret sauce" that should fix the problem with these older maps: You may need to re-install the other map after doing this.

4. I wrote up some simple instructions to install maps on the gps recently:

That should be it. You will need a microSD memory card in your 60csx in order to install maps. But since it's a USB 1.0 device, it will be a lot faster to put the card into a computer card slot or a USB card reader, then put it in the GPS after installation. Also note that the card must be formatted FAT32. You may have problems with large memory cards on an old device like the 60csx. 8gb should be as much as you will ever need.

Also, does the GPS already have some maps installed on a card? If so, you might want to use a different card. MapInstall may delete the old maps in some cases. If you don't have an extra card, copy all the files from the old card to a folder on your computer as a backup.