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Solar Eclipse Overlay for Garmin NUVI 2598

Started by k5ac_tim, August 15, 2017, 01:05:42 PM

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I downloaded the Solar Eclipse 2017 img file from this website to my Garmin NUVI 2598.  The map shows up along with my City Navigator map on the Setup menu.  When I move the GPS to NE Kansas, I do not see the Solar Eclipse overlay.  I don't see the overlay anywhere.

Any ideas?


I'm not sure if transparent overlays work properly on newer Nuvi models. I tried making a few myself and they didn't seem to work on my Nuvi 3550 or Dezl 760. Did not do any serious troubleshooting. But I have asked on this forum and elsewhere, and did not get any responses as to whether the newer Garmin automotive units can use overlays.

Maybe someone else will post whether or not it works on a recent Nuvi? Otherwise, my guess it that it's not compatible.


A bit late, but I haven't found any legitimate answers for my own Nuvi 3550, so you're not alone.


I haven't found anything useful for this either. Anyone else had better luck?


This tends to confirm what I posted above. Transparent overlay maps do not work on recent Nuvi devices.