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Are there nautical maps available on this site?

Started by margo, July 23, 2017, 12:40:49 PM

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I would like to set up my handheld with some nautical maps. I love the SE US one that I got here on gpsfiledepot, I have not seen any nautical ones.

Right now I'm using my astro 320, which is the garmin 62 only it tracks doggies. I am thinking of getting the new garmin 64. The power button is getting stubborn on my astro and I've been lusting after the 64 for some time now. My other option is the garmin stiker with fishfinder.

We have a plotter on the boat but it's used and we are still working out the bugs, plus learning how to use it. I would like a handheld as a backup, and because I like them and I'm used to them.

It's my understanding that there are different garmin maps depending on which garmin unit you have, there are some available for the handhelds. This is fine, it's just to suppliment the chart plotter/fish finder.

Anybody have any suggestions or ideas? Thanks in advance.


Go here, check the "Marine Features" box under Search by Map Features, then click the Filter button.

I don't think you will find much of use here though, they are mostly just topo maps that show some kind of waterbodies. I remember many years ago when I posted a topo like that, Oz (the site administrator) said I should flag it has having marine features. ;)

There's a tutorial on creating your own NOAA charts here but it is very old, doesn't produce very good results (look at the GPS examples at the end) and it's rather complicated.

FWIW, it has been posted elsewhere that the new Garmin marine units will not accept third party maps.


Additionally, the nautical data is relatively hard to come by. I tried to add some to my Arizona topo but since most lakes are man made they (the government) were hesitant to provide data since the depth of the lake changed very frequently.
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NOAA charts are free to download:

I'm thinking about converting then to Garmin maps. IMHO license allows for converting and redistribution, but I'm not sure if I could waive all liability, even with disclaimer, that they aren't intended as primary means of navigation. Any advice?


It is straightforward to convert the Raster NOAA charts to 'Garmin Custom Maps' (with limitations on size) or to maps that can be used with many smartphone apps.

With power available on a boat the smartphone battery worry disappears.