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Loading NUVI 1300 (Leaving Tomorrow)

Started by conehead396, July 18, 2017, 03:03:39 PM

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I have downloaded the WV ATV Trails 2016 .gpx. I have base camp installed but the map does not show up when I choose install maps.

Thanks for any advice.


It appears that these are "tracks" and not a map, which is why you can't install it. You cannot load tracks on any of the Nuvi series. The Nuvi can display a track that it has recorded itself, but it cannot display a track from another source. You can copy that file to the Nuvi, but it will just be ignored.

So, unfortunately, your Nuvi is not compatible with that file.  :(


Go get the "Map" from this site.  As Boyd said Nuvi's will not accept tracks, you can copy them onto a Nuvi but there is not Track Manager.  Plenty of people including my self have put the "Map" on Nuvi's.