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Files locked on GPSMap64s

Started by ktot, July 10, 2017, 11:40:45 AM

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I got the gmapsupp.img (I think it is) properly installed on the SD card in my GPS device but when I boot the device, I get a message about maps are locked and they cannot be viewed. I've read through the install instructions (from a Mac to the device), have confirmed MapInstall and my GPS are completely up-to-date, and have tried installing several different state topos downloaded from the GPSFileDepot. How do I get the maps unlocked, thus visible on my GPS device?


Not heard or experienced any "locked map" situation with any files from GPSFileDepot so suggest there is something else going on.

Even so, look into the app "Fast IMG Unlocker" [REMOVED BY MOD, linking to software to defeat DCMA is not allowed]


Have you seen these steps?

The maps should not be locked unless you also loaded a map onto the page that you don't have rights to on the GPSr.
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