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How to download a map.

Started by afinepoint, July 13, 2017, 11:20:23 AM

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How do I download the map to my computer?  Clicking on, dragging and such on the link does nothing.

I am here: and am attempting to download the "My Trails-High Quality Trail and POI Maps",

My device is a Garmin etrex 20x.  The PC is an Asus i7 64 bit running Windows 7.

Apologies if this has been asked and answered but my patience and time have run low.




First, make sure that Basecamp is installed on your computer:

Then just click the link to download the MyTrails map. After downloading, double-click the file and the installer should open. This tutorial shows the process:

I recently wrote some instructions for sending maps from your computer to GPS:

Note that MyTrails is a bit unusual. It will not be of much (if any) value on your computer. This map only shows trails and POI so it will look mostly blank in Basecamp. When you install it on your GPS, you need to enable it at the same time as another map, such as a topo. The trails and POI will then be shown overlaid on the other map.

It's not possible to do this in Basecamp on your computer because it will only show one map at a time.