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Best trail download for Or and Wa state

Started by mtbdemon, July 05, 2017, 01:50:13 PM

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I just bought a Garmin Etrex 30 and looking to hike and/or bike much of Oregon and Washington and would like to know the best map set available? ANy help would be much appreciated. Thanks
I should also add that I added a 64 GB memory card so I should be able to download many maps



Quote from: mtbdemon on July 05, 2017, 01:50:13 PMI should also add that I added a 64 GB memory card so I should be able to download many maps

Not necessarily... you may want to return that card for a refund, AFAIK 32gb is the largest card your device can use. Garmin devices require the old FAT32 filesystem and you must use a trick to format a 64gb card like that.

Aside from that, if you understand the limitations of the eTrex (and all Garmin handhelds), there is just no point in using a card that big, 8gb is usually the largest that is needed. Garmin maps consist of many small "tiles" called segments. Your GPS can only access about 3000 of these segments. That limit applies to all maps you have installed on the card and internal memory, it does not matter whether they are enabled.

There is no standard size for a map segment, it's up to the author. However you will probably hit the segment limit before you fill an 8gb card. So it really doesn't help to have a huge card. When you exceed the limit, some maps (or portions of maps) will not appear.

Regarding trail maps, I don't have any personal experience but have a look at this one:

It's a transparent overlay, which means it must be used along with another map such as a topo. When you enable both maps on the GPS, the trails will be added to the topo. This will only work on the GPS itself, not in Basecamp (basecamp can only show one map at a time).

Enjoy the new GPS!