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colorado topo2011 military bases

Started by veitch, April 09, 2017, 08:54:14 PM

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The map annotates all military facilities with a pink color and the letter "M" . Is there any way to remove this?


You can change the appearance of any object in a map using a feature called "custom types". This can get rather complicated however. There are several programs that can be used for this, some are free and others are shareware. This one is not free but probably has the best documentation.


I'm thinking you want to see what's on those bases. No can do, "national security" and all. And I'd be cautious about walking around them with a GPS. Especially if you look middle eastern.


Quote from: 30WCF on May 29, 2017, 09:22:18 AM
I'm thinking you want to see what's on those bases.

Did you actually read the post? He doesn't want to "see what's on the bases". He doesn't want the bases to show on the map at all, and was asking how to remove or hide them.


So what would put in place of them, a black hole?


You would not put anything in their place. You could just make them invisible and then they would not show on the map.