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Nuvi GPS not displaying the downloaded map!

Started by wanderlust111, June 10, 2017, 08:41:14 PM

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I have a Nuvi 1490 Garmin and downloaded the Switzerland map - file 301-3032-mtg_vmoe.tgz. i downloaded it into Garmin though MapInstall and Map Manager, and under Map Info on my device, i have selected that map to be displayed. My problem is that I'm unable to access the map on my device... 'Switzerland' is not coming under country choice.

Is there something I am missing? Please help. Thank-you :)


The search feature on the Nuvi probably will not work on most maps from this site, however the map should still show. First disable the City Navigator map and enable the Switzerland map in the settings. You should then see the world basemap on the screen. Drag it to Switzerland and zoom in to see the map.