.img file converted using mapsettoolkit, but no mapset appears in mapsource

Started by fienny, May 31, 2017, 03:09:10 AM

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I followed the tutorial on converting .img file without .tdb to the one that can be seen in Mapsource from this website.

In the end, there is "Convert successfully". However, when I open MapSource, it doesn't give me the mapset on the left corner. I used the newest & free version of both of them. Does any of you know how to solve this kind of problem? :'(


What file are you trying to convert? Almost all of the maps available here have installers that automatically install them into Mapsource. MapsetToolkit is typically only used by people who create their own maps.

But you also need to understand that .img files are "containers" so they can be very different fro each other. A compiled .img file used on a gps, such as a gmapsupp.img is completely different from the individual .img files used in mapsource.


thank you, i managed to solve it. i think the problem lies in the EndLevel & Levels, once i set them up it's appearing