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City Navigator NT 2010 DVD install question

Started by mkillam, April 19, 2017, 05:38:28 PM

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  I picked up a DVD version of City Navigator North America NT a few days ago with the intention of installing and then getting lifetime updates for my Garmin Montana 680t.  It was a lark, but I like the maps and this seemed like a way to get updatable CN maps just like I have on my Nuvi LM.

  I inserted it into my MacBook and attempted to install the CNNANT 2010 pkg.  I would get all the way through the install screens, but at the last it gives me an error saying there is no software to install.  Nothing seems to be able to extract any map data.

  I am running Basecamp 4.6.3.  Somehow I imagined it would go there, then I could send it to my Montana.  Obviously, I am missing something.  I thought I'd give this forum a try before giving the process up.

Any ideas?


Garmin discontinued the DVD version of City Navigator one or two years ago. Where did you get the DVD? In the past I have seen discussion of bogus Garmin DVD's and SD cards. FWIW, the current version of City Navigator is 2018.10 so even if it is a legit copy, it's really old.

I suspect you are out of luck, but you could contact Garmin support and see what they say. I don't think they offer lifetime updates for standalone maps anymore though, since they have discontinued the DVD version.


I picked it up from West Marine, mainly on a lark that I could use the maps to activate some of the old lifetime update cards that still exist.  In any case, West Marine has a couple of copies still in the original packaging.  Just old stock.

  I've got the 2018.10 version on my Nuvi LM and , therefore, Basecamp.  I've been using it to plan routes for an upcoming Trans-America Trail motorcycle trip.  With few exceptions the trails and dirt forest service routes are all on City Navigator.  In fact there is only one segment of the original route that isn't rendered wither in CN or the OSM Topo map for that area.  That has made routes usable, which for me is preferable to tracks.  I miss fewer turns that way.

In the end it will likely be cheaper just to get a "current" non-updatable copy of CN NA from Garmin just for the Montana.  I am also trying to ensure I have map data for the whole route on there.  I think my earlier efforts at cramming in OSM Topo data has exceeded the limits the Montana can handle - but I may just be loading them inartfully.


Think I have read that the full US OpenStreetmap exceeds the map segement limit for Garmin outdoor devices. I beleive the Montana can only access 4000 map segments. That number is the total segments of ALL maps you have installed on the Montana regardless of card or internal memory and regardless of whether they are enabled.

Perhaps you just have a bad disk? Can you try installing it on a Windows computer? Will West Marine exchange it for another one?

I have the downloadable "Lower 49" City Navigator on my Montana 600, it works fine but of course it cannot be updated.