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Started by oldrebel, April 02, 2017, 10:40:37 PM

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I just upgraded from Etrex vista to 64s. If I understood the salesman right this unit has only a basemap, highways, streets etc. with no topo maps on the unit and non can be loaded. If this is the case I need to return for next unit up. I do have the US topo from Garman on CD's that maybe could be loaded on a card and used if that would work. Also does gpsfiledepot have a manual for the 64s?
Thanks for any help.


Of course you can load maps on the 64s. It just does not include a detailed map. Your questions can be answered by just looking at the product page on Garmin's website. Look at the specs page, it indicates that the device has 4gb internal memory and that can be increased by adding a micro SD card. You will also see a link to download the manual on the same page.

You should be able to use your old US topo map if you like, but there is a technical issue that will only allow a portion of it to work due to the number of segments that it includes. However you can still load a much larger area on the 64s than you could on your old eTrex.

You can also use maps that you download from this site. Note that gpsfiledepot has no affiliation with Garmin and all the maps here were created by users. You will not find things like manuals here because they are copyrighted by Garmin.