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2500 T

Started by feeB eldooN, July 24, 2009, 08:45:22 AM

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feeB eldooN

I have searched this forum for information on this, but haven't found anything.

I have a Magellan 2500T Crossover GPS with Road navigation, Marine and trail (Topo) capability (separately).  I would like to obtain better detailed TOPO's, and Marine charts, as well as an updated Road navigation map for the USA.

Is this stuff available outside Magellan?


Not really.  There are very few available maps because its not exactly legal to make them.
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Indrid Cold

I think what -Oz- is referring to is that because of copyright and licensing issues, you wouldn't be able to convert maps from this site for use on your unit. You may find maps you are interested in here: