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My Garmin 60CSX

Started by hoyt, July 29, 2009, 11:39:38 AM

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Says it won't transfer maps when I try to transfer from mapsourse I downloaded from this site.
It works fine transferring from my gps to mapsource..just won't go to the gps. Could anyone help me on this or tell me the gps will not receive maps so I can quit messing with this thing.



It will transfer maps. I have the same gps and did it with GA. But I used the Micro Card to save to vs. transfering to gps. Might give that a try. I didn't try the other way.


OK, thanks Reeper..I knew it was suppose to do it, I'm just doing something wrong. Tonight I'm going to take the card out of the gps and see if it will work in my reader.