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Newbie help with map background

Started by 56chief, February 15, 2017, 09:51:56 AM

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Hi all,
I'm new to the site, great site by the way. I just got a Garmin Oregon 600 and have loaded the NHtopo11 map into it. No matter what I do the background of the topo is like a dark blue instead of the light green background that I am used to seeing in my etrex. I have attached a picture of the topo11 from my Oregon 600 and also the sample picture from GPSFileDepot site for the NHtopo map. Has anyone seen this before and any way for me to fix it? Thank you for any help and suggestions.


Sounds like you might have night mode turned on; or auto mode which uses night mode when it thinks it is night at your location and time.



But in either of those scenarios, ALL the maps on the user's GPS would have a black backgroud...


So it appears that auto was on. I set it to daytime. It looks much better. The background is tan not green like I'm used to but still much better than it was. Marine was off. I'm thinking this Oregon 600 will not display the green map background oh well I can still work with it as is.  Thank you all for your help.


From the first line of the wright-ups for my state mapsets 'This map ... developed ... with shaded relief set to 'do not show'.  The tan background is likely due to Garmin's shaded relief DEM file being active.  This made maps on an OR300 look so much harder to use compared to the 76SCX I was replacing I was about to return it.  I asked about it on the groundspeak geocaching forum and was told to turn  Garmin's relief shading to do not show..


Hi and thank you for your map and the garmin info. I set the shaded relief to do not show . It's still the same but much better than what is was when I started. It could just be this model of gps.