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Author Topic: Is there a way to place Gramin topo maps onto a 2016 Tacoma (it runs Garmin )  (Read 4097 times)


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So I found out that the newer Toyotas are running Garmin street navigation, I have a hand held Garmin GPS with Topo maps, and the rest of the CD's .  Is there any way to upload some topo maps to my trucks unit?



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No personal experience but my guess would be it is locked down and will not let you install your own maps. That is certainly the direction they have gone with other products, such as their iOS app.

How are map updates accomplished on these units? Is it something the dealer must do, or can you update them yourself with a memory card or USB port and laptop?


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Found my Garmin GPS in the shelf along with other truck accessories I had installed in my Taco too. Would like to use it in my F-150. I haven't used this for quite sometime, will I have a hard time installing my own maps?