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loading topo to new Garmin eTrex30x

Started by Don F, April 09, 2017, 02:53:06 PM

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Don F

Have windows 10 PC

new eTrex30x GPS

have downloaded following first to PC then to GPS

My Trails Install 53

Map Source 6163

142-5343 topo install

but still no topo on GPS

when go to Maps ,,,and not showing when select map


My Trails Install 53 sounds like the installer for that application "My Trails".  That won't do what you want. You need the topo as a file and the file converter to open/convert the file and install it on your Garmin.

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Don F

is not Map Source the converter
and map file is 142-5343


First, realize that Mapsource is discontinued, unsupported software. It should work as far as installing maps goes, but the other functions for transferring data to/from your new eTrex will not work properly. You will need to use Basecamp for that, which is Garmin's replacement for Mapsource.

If you have not already done so, use this tutorial to install the map on your computer:

Then follow this tutorial for sending the map to your eTrex:

I have no idea what "142-5343 topo install" is, but I assume it is one of the topo maps on this site? If it still is not working, please post a link the topo you are trying to install.

Were you trying to install the map in internal storage or on a memory card? With your eTrex connected to your computer, open the Garmin folder on either the GPS or the memory card. There should be a file named gmapsupp.img there, it is the map file. You can confirm this by looking at the date/time the file was created. If there is no gmapsupp.img file, then the map was not properly sent. If there is a file, how big is it?

Don F

could I load files on a min chip ? then put it in GPS ?

Don F

If so should there be a particular order 

name them   1.


If you used a memory card, first be sure that it is formatted as FAT32 or it will not be recognized in the GPS. If using Mapsource, when you send the map it will always be named gmapsupp.img because that is the only filename that could be used on old Garmin devices.

So after sending the first map, use Windows to change the name from gmapsupp.img to something else, like map1.img. Now send another map and change the name to map2.img and continue.