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adding a preview map

Started by XF8000, February 05, 2017, 06:49:14 PM

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I've made several ATV and snowmobile routable overlay (transparent backgound) trail maps and now would like to add a basic background map that would be viewable in Mapsource/Basecamp but would not be uploaded to GPS with the trail map.  Can someone point me to a tutorial that explains the process?




Quote from: BobT on February 05, 2017, 07:14:06 PM
Are you using gpx2img?

I am using a registered GPSMapEdit, registered Personal cGPSmapper and MapSetToolKit to make my transparent trail maps.

I've got the data for adding the basics I want...towns, major Hwys and major lakes/rivers.  I just want a simple background map for reference to display behind the trails in Mapsource/BaseCamp.


Basically, you make a second map that is not transparent and compile both together with cgpsmapper.  You can either make separate files yourself for the GPS or explain to people not to install the background maps.

Back many years ago, you could make a "detailed" preview map, which did exactly what you need.  But, in 2010 changes to Mapsource and Basecamp stopped this from working properly.  It is a real PITA.


Another simple workaround would be to create a background map as a .kmz raster image. Basecamp is able to display this kind of map at the same time as a traditional vector based map (.img file).

This will only work for Basecamp though. Mapsource cannot display .kmz files.


I will try both of your guys suggestions and see what works best for me.  Thanks