Warning - mkgmap java8 r3759 gave BaseCamp install failure

Started by glendeni, January 23, 2017, 10:15:33 AM

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I've been using version r2314 of mkgmap (which uses Java6) for my MP compiles.  But I'd been having some problems, so installed the latest mkgmap version, r3759 (which uses Java8), thinking there might be a bug in the older version which had been corrected.

I was surprised to note that img files produced from a contour-line MP were 20% smaller than their r2314-produced counterparts, but could see no difference between their IMG maps  when loaded to my GPS.  But then when I tried to install the EXE version into BaseCamp, BaseCamp rejected it and asked that it be "re-installed" - which I tried again but with the same failure.  Going back to r2314 solved that problem

I should note that I'd previously incorporated some r3759 compiles (for streams) without any difficulty. It was only when I tried using it for contour line files that the problem occurred. But since I can't have confidence in r3759, I've have gone back to using r2314 for all my MP compiles.


Mkgmap is constantly improved. I remember some changes, which resulted in decrease img size, so I'm not surprised, that you have noticed it too. I don't use exe installer so I can't comment about it. I have no problem, when using MapSetToolKit for install.