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Wisconsin bike trail maps

Started by Gregory Kruse, July 20, 2016, 11:15:56 PM

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Gregory Kruse

Is there any way to create Wisconsin bike trail maps?  For instance,  I would like to create or find a kmz or kml file to bring into google earth and then load it into my gps (Garmin Oregon 450). I just want to see where I am on the trail...Thanks in advance!!


If you can find a paper map, Garmin has a tutorial on how to create a version that will work on your Oregon:

This is really only useful for small maps that are no larger than 1024x1024 pixels. You can make larger maps of this type using these programs, but it gets a little more complicated

Either way, Garmin has placed some pretty strict limits on the size map that you can use on your Oregon. It cannot contain any more than 200 images of 1024x1024 pixels max.


I've seen that tutorial. Is it the same process for the GPSmap 64st?

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This kind of map works on all recent Garmin handheld GPS units, so yes, it should be compatible. There are quite a few maps in this format here at GPSFileDepot already, you can find them using the "search by map features" option and choosing "Garmin Custom (Imagery) (Newer GPSs)" here: