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NC TOPO 11 on Windows 7

Started by equeen, January 13, 2017, 03:25:05 PM

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Somewhere I saw an option to download a 58 MB file of NC Topo 11 rather than the 144 MB file - and I've lost the reference.  Can anyone help?  I think my Windows 7 needs the 58 MB file to work properly.  Thanks.


Are you talking about this map? Why do you think you need a 58MB file?

That map has a bug that many older maps on this site also have. It is basically fine, but there's a problem with the installer that prevents it from showing on Windows 7 64 bit and newer. However there is a simple fix, as mentioned by the author:

QuoteThere is an issue with the 64-bit installer used in the PC version of this mapset. If this is the first mapset you are installing on a Windows 7 64 bit PC, you will need to FIRST install a mapset which used a 32-bit installer, 'My trails ....' works and is small in size.

If you have already installed the map, uninstall it. Then install the mytrails map from the link in the quote above. You don't need to "use" the map, just install it. That will create some resources that will allow the NC Topo to work properly.

Now re-install the NC Topo and it should work properly.