TOPO Maps displaying blue mountains (Arizona)

Started by AZ556, December 25, 2016, 01:36:04 AM

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So, I FINALLY got it installed and showing up, however, there are blue mountain icons etc, EVERYWHERE. They flood the map and literally makes it impossible to see what I'm looking at unless I'm zoomed out. Can someone please help me figure out how to turn those off?


What GPS are you using, that could make a big difference. I assume what you are seeing are the icons representing mountain summits.

It will vary with model, but on most recent Garmin handhelds go to Setup > Map > Advanced > Zoom Levels > Map Points. This allows you to choose what zoom level point features are seen. So for example, if you choose 2 miles, the icons will show unitl you zoom out farther than two miles. If you choose 800 feet, they will disappear when you zoom past 800 feet. Choosing a small value should prevent the map from being cluttered when you zoom out. Setting it to "off" should completely hide them.

But this will affect ALL point features on the map, not just the mountains. So you also would not see cities, dams, airports, etc. That being said, I find that this works very inconsistently so it may not help at all. You will just have to try and see what happens.

If you are using a Nuvi or other automotive unit, there is probably nothing you can do since they don't have this kind of advanced menu.

Also, generally speaking, most of the maps on this site don't work very well when you zoom way out. At what zoom level are you seeing all these icons?


I apologize , guess that would've helped. It's a garmin 62s.

I'll give what you said a try, thanks for your help!