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Map help onto device

Started by hydroracer, October 31, 2016, 07:08:34 AM

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I am a super novice here with zero experience..I am trying to get the North Cumberlands map onto my GPS Montana 680 and cannot do it. It will not show up in Basecamp or anything..I know there has to be something I am doing wrong. Can anybody help me here?



Is this the map?

If so, first realize that it is not a complete map. It only contains the trails and some points of interest. So in most places you will see nothing, unless you have zoomed in on a trail. This kind of map is intended to be a companion to a complete map, such as a topo. On the GPS, you enable BOTH the trail map AND the topo. This causes the trails to be "added" to the topo map.

Basecamp cannot do this, it can only show one map at a time. So you may not see anything in Basecamp when you select this map.

This tutorial shows how to install a map in Basecamp.

After installing, this tutorial shows how to send the map to your GPS


I have tried these tutorials but the map is not listed in the areas where I can install maps.


I have it installed. When I go to send the map to my device it says there are no unlocked maps were found for the device,,,