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Can't find a map in Garmin base Camp

Started by gramps, September 22, 2016, 08:16:25 AM

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I downloaded and installed Washington Topo 11 to my laptop(win 8.??) in the C:\garmin file.  When I open base camp what I see is different than the view in the tutorial on opening a map in base camp and I can not find the watopo map in base camp by any of the methods mentioned in the tutorial or in this forum.  Need help....Thanks


Have you looked at this tutorial?

It is a bit out of date, but the procedure is still the same, your map should appear in the dropdown menu as shown here

If it doesn't appear, then the map you downloaded may suffer from a bug that many older gpsfiledepot maps have. When Windows 7 64bit was released, Microsoft made a change that prevented these old maps from working. The "kludge" to fix this is to simply install another map that doesn't have the same "bug". After doing that, the buggy maps should start working.

The following map is known to work for this. Just install it, you don't need to "use" it for anything. Be sure to quit Basecamp before you install, then start it up after installing. You should then see your other map in the dropdown menu.

There are other possible causes of a problem like this, but I would start here.


I downloaded the 'my trails' and it shows up in the box that drops down when I click on 'maps'.  It does not load, however.  All I see is a few dots.  The only other map choice is the default global map and the Washington topo does not show as a choice even though it is in the garmin folder along with my trails.
Thanks and I did go thru' the above mentioned tutorial.


OK. I downloaded the Idaho topo and it loaded in base camp just fine.  I will be traveling the 'Magruder Corridor' road in a few days and wanted this and other maps for this trip.  I will try to put this one on my garmin 650 rino soon.  I would still  like the Washington to work.


You would need to uninstall the WA topo and then reinstall it using the .exe file.  Be sure to have BaseCamp 'turned off; it only checks for available mapsets when it starts.


I switched to an old laptop with Win 7 and got the Washington topo to load in base camp.  The Montana topo will not load when using either computer and base camp.  Idaho loaded fine also.  I am not sure how much capacity my rino 650 has, so would it be advisable to put these maps on separate micro chips and just change the chip depending on where I am?
Thanks again.


If your old laptop is running 32 bit Windows, then it will not be affected by that bug, it only affects 64 bit versions.

The "MyTrails" map is an overlay and it only contains "dots and lines". It's designed to be used along with another map, so what you saw is normal.

According to Garmin's site, your Rino has 1.7gb of internal memory.

With it connected to your computer, you can check free space in Windows Explorer just like you would with an external disk drive. More likely than not, you could install everything you need in internal memory. But a card is fine also, if you have one. Should not be necessary to use multiple cards.