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Garnim 62S tracking issues

Started by alhntr, September 04, 2016, 12:26:04 PM

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I have a 62S Garmin with a topo map sd card from in it. The problem is after turning unit on, it starts to auto track...ok.....but the blue tracking arrow never follows the direction I ma going and eventually goes off screen. Then I have to page back to maps and sometimes it will refresh with arrow back in field of view.  Also when mounted on motorcycle and moving, the arrow points down not up as I travel.  I have a old 60csx I got a yard sale and it does not do this.....tracks in direction I move..etc.  On 62S it is in track north up and I did calibrate compass. What is going on with this unit. Been like this since I bought it and thought that was normal. Apparently not. Help, thanks.


Sounds like you are in "browse mode", which allows you to drag the map around and look at things. The GPS will not keep your position on the screen in this mode. I don't have a 62s, all my units have touchscreens. My guess is that if you press the QUIT button it will exit browse mode and keep your position on the screen however.

There is no such thing as "track north up". "track up" will keep the direction you are travelling at the top of the screen. "north up" will keep north at the top of the screen. Choose whichever you prefer.