Having problems transfering entire route from Basecamp to Nuvi 2450

Started by bearspa, August 17, 2016, 06:26:16 AM

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In the past, when I am going to make a driving trip to another country, I would download the map from this site into Basecamp and my Nuvi.  I then created MyMaps for my trip, often by day, making sure that I numbered each point to keep them in order, output each map to a KMZ file, imported that into Basecamp, created a route from the points for each KMZ, and Sent it to my Garmin.

It usually took a little while for the Nuvi to process this, but at the end, I would get all the points in Favorites (but in no obvious order), and I also got each day's route in Trip Planner, with all the points in the correct order of travel, unless some point was not reachable by car.

I just updated BaseCamp to 4.6.4, and am planning a trip to Slovenia.  I went through this process, and while all the points showed up in my Favorites, only the starting point and the final destination were in the relevant trip in TripPlanner.  I wondered if this was because the intermediate points were not reachable by car, but when I tried to create the Trip manually, I was able to do so in all but one, where the point was slightly off the road.

I have tried this repeatedly, including using two computers, and with no success, which is really frustrating, as I have done this several times in the past without any problems.  Can anyone think of anything I might have messed up?



Since this sounds like a Basecamp issue, I'd suggest starting a thread on Garmin's Basecamp support forum:


You can ask on the Garmin forums, but I suspect that the newer version of Basecamp has made the intermediate points as "shaping points".  If you open the route in Basecamp, shaping points will be grey and say (won't alert).  Shaping points are still used in the route on the GPS, but you won't see them.  If you want them to be normal waypoints (which you will be forced to route to), right click on the intermediate points and choose "Alert on Arrival".


Hi Mapper:

Thanks for your answer.  I ended up doing the routes manually on the Garmin--wasn't too bad as all the names were in the Favorites.

I just started my travels, and will look into this when I get home and have time to do so!  I'll respond again then.  If you are right, it will definitely come in useful the next time I have to create such a route.



Hi Mapper:

I got home recently, and had a chance to try out your suggestion.  The intermediate points were not greyed out, and when I right-clicked them, "Alert on arrival" was not a choice.  Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the problem--wish it was, then I could have fixed it.