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Large Screen GPS for 4x4 Topo Display

Started by Eagle6, August 12, 2016, 04:07:30 PM

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OK, I'm looking for larger screen GPS 4 to 7 inches to mount in my Jeep that will display topo maps for off-road driving.  I have a Garmin 78 and that is fine but the display is just to small for off-road use (at least for me). 

I would prefer not to go the rough of a Samsung or LG tablet running Ozi or some other application as they don't seem to provide accurate enough data due to their poor antennas.

Looking for recommendations, thought, others that have maybe solved this problem.

Oh and I'm not really looking to spend $2-3K to buy a professional off-road racer unit either.



Have you thought of an iPad with a separate Bluetooth GPS device (I use a GNS2000) that you can position for best reception? Or an Android tablet with a separate GPS device? In UK the GNS2000 costs about 70 Pounds - so about US$110.


I use a Garmin GLO which also costs about $100. It sends data via bluetooth and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. OziExplorer is rather antiquated PC software, sounds like you have not really kept up with the state of Android and iOS apps. ;)

But the newer generations of smartphones actually have pretty nice internal GPS with GLONASS. I had been using my iPhone 6s+ with the GLO but don't usually bother now because the internal GPS is quite good. Screen is 5.5" which would meet your requirements. There are a number of Android phones with big screens too.

Of course, you could get one of the Garmin Nuvi (or new "Drive" series) units with a big screen and use Garmin format maps. This works, and it's pretty inexpensive, but maps really don't display optimally on these automotive units. Some features don't show, others are ugly or hard to decipher. But this bothers some people more than others.


Just realized that a 4" screen meets your criteria. If so, have a look at the Garmin Montana series, they have a 4" screen and are very nice. Have had a Montana 600 for a number of years and still very happy with it. Lots of advanced features and it will be compatible with all the maps from GPSFileDepot.

The new models are rather expensive, but you may be able to find Garmin factory refurbs at some of the larger vendors, I have seen them at GPSCity in the past, for example. A refurb Montana 600 might be a good solution for you, unless you really want a bigger screen.


I was in the same boat as you, I ended up running a Garmin LM55 (5" screen) and to add to that I added a Samsung Note 8 (8" screen) running Orux maps that is awesome!  Took some time to get used to it but I can be running down a trail at 60 mph and see it!


Garmin recently introduced the GPSMap 276cx which is targeted at off-road users. Kind of cool in a retro way. But the $800 pricetag is going to scare away most people.


For a larger display, I use a Hisense Sero 7 Pro. The GPS is very accurate and the topo maps are free! You can even use photo maps free in some apps.

The Sero 7 Pro can be had for under $100 used on Ebay.