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Garmin MapInstall is Unable to read my Garmin GPS

Started by Alextrin, August 10, 2016, 12:52:26 AM

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I have installed the software Garmin MapInstall and I try to read my Garmin nuvi 50 but the first screen informes the Product name: nüvi® 50LM and its Serial number: 3363XXXXXX but it does not allows me to click the button Continue.
I got my GPS in the USA with the USA map in it and now i want to erase and install maps from Australia where i live now.
I would like to get some help on how can i erase all the USA maps and install Australian ones.


Not quite sure what you are trying to do with MapInstall, but it sounds like you might not know what it is for. The only thing that MapInstall can do is install a map that is already installed in Basecamp on your computer.

"Erasing" a map is very simple. But before you do anything, backup your Nuvi to your computer. You will need to reveal the hidden .system folder before doing this. See this for instructions on performing a backup:

After backing up, you can remove the City Navigator map by simply deleting the file named gmapprom.img that is found in the .System folder. But I would think twice before doing this. You can get a micro SD memory card very cheaply and install any additional maps you want on that card.

Where do you plan to get an Australian map? If you want the full functionality of the Nuvi, you will need to purchase the map from Garmin. Here is their City Navigator Australia map:

Note that it is a small file, only 300 MB. It might fit on your Nuvi without removing the US map, check your free space. If you purchase this map by download, it can be installed to either internal memory or an SD card. However you don't need to use MapInstall for this, just follow the instructions when you purchase the map.

The odd thing about this is, the Nuvi 50 is a very inexpensive bottom-of-the-line device. You can probably buy a new one that includes the Australian map (or equivalent newer model) for less than just purchasing the map. Also, a new device will include lifetime updates for the map. If you purchase a map by download, you don't get any updates and would have to purchase another new map if you want it later.


Get a micro-SD card and put the new map on it.  There is no need to erase the current map.

As detailed more above, you need to have a map installed on the computer.  Has this happened?