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Map Overlay *.gmapi in Garmin Basecamp (Mac)

Started by Azador, July 02, 2016, 10:18:55 AM

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Hi there,

I have following problem
I have a real map (*.img). This one I have installed into Basecamp (Mac Version) and I can see it.
For this map there is also a overlay (*.gmapi) available which colors the trails in different colors. On my Garmin device I can see both, but is it possible also to see the overlay and the map in basecamp? And if yes, how?

Thank you in advance and best regards


You can enable multiple maps on a GPS device, but Garmin's Basecamp software only allows you to enable one map at a time. So the short answer is "no", you cannot view two maps at the same time in Basecamp.

The author of MyTrails describes a method of extracting his data as tracks so that it can be viewed along with a map in Basecamp, but he says this only works on Windows. I am not familiar with his maps or what he's doing, so I can't offer any help there.

One solution would be to use either Birdseye imagery or a Garmin Custom Map in Basecamp. It is possible to display this type of map along with an overlay. Garmin offers satellite imagery and scanned USGS topo maps in their Birdseye series. Unlimited downloads are $30/year.

There are a number of Garmin Custom Maps available here at GPSFileDepot. You can find them by checking "Garmin Custom (Imagery)" under "Search by Map Features" here:


Hi Boyd,

thank you for your quick response. It's real pity, that Basecamp is not capable to show to maps.
I have searched a little bit more and find now QMapShack which I am using now.

Thank you and best regards