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NSIS Compile Error

Started by Mrbamboo, June 24, 2016, 02:08:52 PM

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I have downloaded the new template and edited the info including converting and flipping my 4100 family id, and got an error just like below.  I then copied the files from the release folder to E:\Maptemp folder and still received the same error.

   Processing script file: "E:\Maptemp\map_install_x64-x86.nsi"
   Invalid command: ;--------------------------------
   Error in script "E:\Maptemp\map_install_x64-x86.nsi" on line 1 -- aborting creation process

To me line 1 is a comment line, but somehow it is not reading it like one.  I am using the most current version of the nsi file and version 2.3 of the Makensisw compiler.  What am I doing wrong?

I am running Windows 10, and the first line is ;------------------------

I tried deleting the first line and is still gave me this error

   Processing script file: "E:\Maptemp\map_install_x64-x86.nsi"
   Invalid command: ;
   Error in script "E:\Maptemp\map_install_x64-x86.nsi" on line 1 -- aborting creation process


Hiya, did you manage to solve this issue? I'm having the same problem and would like to know how this was resolved.

Many thanks



Yes, I did find the issue,

1. Download the NSIS compiler 3.01-rc-1 (earlier versions have the error)
2. Turn off all virus scanners (I also disconnected from the net.)

I also found that it did not register correctly for mapshare (Basecamp), so I am in the process of trying to duplicate the installation (registry entry's) that JaVaWa MapConverter uses when it converts and installs the maps.



Same issue, fixed by editing the script in Notepad ++ and changing the Encoding to UTF-8 vs UTF-8-BOM and saving it out.