GPI compiled with GPI_Creator not showing up in BaseCamp

Started by whiskeyportal, June 23, 2016, 08:15:11 AM

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I recently started a trial of Garmins GPICreator software to make GPI files. I can make them just fine and they display as desired on GPS units, but they're not showing as visible in BaseCamp. When I use the exact same gpx files to make one using POI Loader, they display just fine in BaseCamp and on the GPS units. Garmin developer support is lacking to say the least, as is the documentation that came with GPI_Creator. Has anyone here used this software much, and if so, did you run in to these same issues? Were you able to figure out what the issue was?

Indrid Cold

Never heard of it. But being a Garmin licensed software you'll need to deal with their support I'm afraid.