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Nuvi 1350

Started by hoss150, June 12, 2016, 12:46:55 PM

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Hello all.  I am hopeing to get a few questions answered.  I am a Polaris Rzr rider and ride Windrock, Royal blue, and Brimstone a few times a year.  I have been studying about using my  GPS for trail maps.  My GPS is an older Garmin version Nuvi 1350.  I am very new to this and know very little about it.  Are there trail maps I can download to this unit?  How do I download them? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated so thank you in advance to anyone who can give me advice in plain English that I could possibly understand. 


I used to have a Nuvi 1350 a number of years ago. I have to say, it was not one of Garmin's best models.  ;)

But it may be usable, depending on what you expect. The Nuvi was really designed to just use Garmin's City Navigator map, although other maps will work. Generally, they don't look very good on the Nuvi, some features will not show, and IIRC the Nuvi 1350 often didn't show labels on third party maps, like points of interest and road names. You will just have to try some maps and see what you think.

Many of the trail maps on this site are transparent overlays, meaning that they only contain trails and nothing else. They are intended to be used along with another detailed map. You could try them with the built-in City Navigator map. Just enable the trail map along with City Navigator and see what happens. Some of the Nuvi's don't seem to work properly with transparent overlays however.

I don't know anything about Polaris or the areas where you ride so I can't help there. But you could try "MyTrails" which is a popular transparent trail overlay. Download here:

This tutorial explains installing the map in Garmin Basecamp. You may not see much when you install the map in Basecamp, since it only contains trails and therefore will have many areas that are completely blank.

This tutorial explains how to send the map to your GPS

And this shows how to select/enable the map on the GPS. The section on the Nuvi is very old and your menus will be somewhat different. I can't remember... the 1350 might have a "MyMaps" menu where you select the map.

If MyTrails doesn't look useful, try downloading and installing some of the other maps here. Unless the map is specifically listed as a transparent overlay, then you should disable the City Navigator map on the Nuvi and only enable the map that you downloaded.


The link below is a map from this site for the North Cumberland Area of Tenn ATV Trails.  This is the one you want from this site.  There is a guy named Dan on Facebook who sells one for $55.00.