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wrong rd name

Started by ralph-1, June 09, 2016, 06:27:50 PM

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 >:(I just found out my rd name is incorrect on my gps. How do I get it changed or who is responsible for the info. that goes to the satellite?


What GPS? What map? The data is on the GPS not the satellite.
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Nuvi 65 LMT 4GB 49 State. Not sure about map! don't know how to tell which one! Does CN North America NT 2016.10 Lower 49 States sound right?


Report errors in Garmin's maps here:

On the Nuvi, press Settings > Map & Vehicle > myMaps to see what version map you have.

Make sure you have the newest map before reporting anything, I believe the current version is City Navigator 2017.20, so your map may be over a year old.

If you report, don't hold your breath waiting for the name to change. It can take a year to go though the whole system... Garmin would report it to the map supplier (HERE), they would investigate and possibly make a change which might appear on their map in 6 months. Then it could take another 3 to 6 months for the change to be reflected in Garmin's version of the map.

But really, this is pretty far off-topic for GPSFileDepot. These forums are primarily intended to discuss the free, user-contributed maps hosted here. To discuss the Nuvi, use a site such as


Updated and made no diff. Tried reporting it on the site you recommended and won't let me fill in some of the required fields. Tried twice with no luck! What do I try next?


Start a thread about this on a site that is actually devoted to discussion of Garmin's automotive devices. Sorry, but gpsfiledepot just isn't the right place...