Help with BobT's WV (hatfield mccoy) map on BCN/Android

Started by HideOut, June 08, 2016, 05:43:34 PM

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I have the app, loaded the files onto both the SD card and into the same folder structure in the phone itself, but the app doesn't seem to support the file. It sees nothing.

The current version of BCN asks you to "select map source" which I chose "prebuilt map" in the bottom right. The menu dont seem to be it any more. Its on the screen. I hit "home" the navigate to SD card, then the bCNav folder then data, etc. Nothing there. Later in the instructions there is mention of converting. Do you have to convert the files before they are put on the phone? if so why does the instructions say to import "WV ATV". Pretty confused here.


The file structure for the .BCN file is:
your memory card/Android/data/com.crittermap.backcountrynavigator.license/files/bcnav/data/WV ATV Trails

Maps you download online for offline use (such as topo maps) have this file structure:
your memory card/Android/data/com.crittermap.backcountrynavigator.license/files/bcnav/archives/your topo map files downloaded and given unique names by you, such as Topo WV, Topo AR, Topo KY, etc.


You copy not import the WV ATV Trails file into the BCNAV/Data folder.

Normally you would import a GPX file into BCN.  I have already done that and spent a couple of hours converting the waypoint icons that imported in to more accurate and nicer looking ones that BCN has built in.  BCN stores the GPX tracks in a database and call them Trip databases.  I distribute this database file called "WV ATV Trails"

IF you still have issues PM me and we can walk through it on the phone.