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Need Help

Started by deployedcivy, May 31, 2016, 10:37:37 AM

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Ok i am new here. I have a Garmin 680T and i have downloaded basecamp and have it installed. i am looking for Trail maps for my UTV. Can anyone recomd good maps for NC SC TN GA VA WV. i have searched in the custom maps but i am not seeing maps for what i am looking for. i am sure they are here just not finding them. looking for color coded trail maps for as many OHV/ATV riding areas as possible.



Below is link on here to the WV Trail map.  I will be making a new one this week and it will be at the same link

Link to WV ATV Trails 2015

Link to North Cumberland area in TN

There is a guy named Dan that sells nice one for North Cumberland ($50)

VVmapping also sells a nice one.  The WV link above is by far the best for WV. (biased, not really)


Thanks BobT that looks to be what i am looking for. I will download them and check them out. now if someone had NC SC and GA i would have a good start.