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Loading Custom maps on a Garmin Drive 60LM

Started by mpilihp, May 26, 2016, 11:23:56 AM

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Hi, Ive been using a Nuvi model GPS with custom maps for snowmobiling trips.  I create them with an app called GPX2IMG and then load them with MapSource.

I just upgraded to a 6in unit, 60LM and I attempted to load my custom map on it with mapSource and the application does not find that GPS.  I am using Windows 10 Home edition and the PC sees the GPS as a drive.

Any suggetions on what I need to do to make it visible in MapSource?

Is there a way to find/save the map file that is in MapSource and copy it directly to the GPS myself?

Thank You

~ Phil


I think you are talking about a custom route not a map. ;)

See the response I posted to your question at GPSReview: