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BobT's WV Maps in OruxMaps

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I keep reading that they are "transparent" but for me I am unable to ever view his map ON TOP OF a Topo map

Whereas in BCN I can do this trivially.

Anyone know the solution to this in Orux?

Orux is using the Garmin Vector image map file.  It is transparent on Garmin GPS devices.  Orux has a feature called "Multmap" that allows you to show one map on top of another map.  There is a thread on this on the RZR forum and I have made a tutorial on making a Multimap with my map.  Later to night I will post the link to it on here.

BCN does not use the Garmin map image.  Instead I have distributed my original gpx tracks for use with BCN.  You can find my original gpx tracks on several sites to download and import into Orux and it will be just like BCN.  You can also export from BCN but I think you will lose the color.

The one advantage the Orux has over BCN when it comes to my maps is that since Orux uses a Garmin image it will show dashed lines for certain trails such as Hatfield McCoy.  BCN and other Apps use gpx tracks which are only solid lines.

The link below will take you to a download of a tutorial I wrote on how to make an Orux Multimap with my WV ATV Trails map as the top transparent map.  Be sure and read the last page as I give my opinion on the various maps to use as basemaps.   You have to replace the Orux "onlinemapsources.xml" file with the one I have posted several place in order to have access to the Google and Bing maps.  The link to the file is at the bottom of this post.

Bob I got this to show up but as soon as I zoom in or out the topo disappears.

When I first did it I had the same problem.  A few days later it worked down to 1000 ft.  I am not sure if having WiFi on affects it since it may be online to the map.

I found that the OSM map works the best.


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