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Started by GREENLEADER, February 03, 2020, 07:11:25 AM

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I do get the following error when I want to install a map from may GPS to Basecamp or Mapsource: " Mapsettoolkit error: access violation at 0x006DDFD8. tried to read from 0x32EE31B7. Program terminated. ".
System: Win 10 64 bit
I did uninstall GPS Mapper and GMaptools many times.

Mapsettoolkit does not have an installer. So I just delete and registry repair and start al l over again..... many times.

On my laptop ( Win 8.1 Pro) I do not have any problem. Is there a way of finding the map here and copy to my desktop?

Even if I make use of only GMaptools, it is giving the same error.

Thanks for your replies in advance