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Tablet vs gps

Started by hollywoodmud, May 22, 2016, 05:10:39 PM

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What's the best and easiest to load Bobs maps on to. I like the tablet size so I can see it. but how do you get gps signal on them. Thanks for helping out the newbie


Sorry, I don't know anything about Bob's maps. But these threads might be of interest:

Regarding GPS, most (but not all) Android tablets have an internal GPS chip. The quality of these can vary, am not very impressed by the chip in my 8" Samsung Galaxy Tab. You should confirm that a tablet has an internal chip before buying however. I learned this the hard way, if there is no internal chip then Google Play won't even let you download many navigation apps.

With an Apple iPad, the models that work on the cellular network have internal GPS chips. You do not need a data plan for the GPS to work. The wifi-only iPads do not have internal GPS chips.

With both Android and Apple, you can use an external GPS receiver if the tablet doesn't have an internal one. These external receivers are usually better than the built-in GPS. Garmin makes a receiver called the GLO that is compatible with Android and Apple tablets for example.

Android phones and iPhones have internal GPS chips. The quality can vary, but I think the newer phones are generally pretty good and usually support the new GLONASS system. Have been pretty impressed with the internal GPS on my iPhone 6s Plus and the 5.5" screen is much bigger than anything Garmin offers.


Bob T puts a lot of Atv maps on here to download. I don't no how any of this works just trying to figure it all out. And the easiest gps unit to use to down load the maps on to. Not real good with computers. Thanks for any help.


Below are the links to my maps.  These links are also on the download page for maps on this site.

Oruxmaps files and instructions

BackCountry Navigator

What SXS forum are you on.


Thanks Bob I am very computer illiterate and don't understand what all I need to download and how. I just purchased a android tablet and will be getting a garmin gps external device. At this time I am not on any forums. Thanks Bob G


Does the tablet have an internal GPS? If so, I suggest that you just use it as-is for the time being. AFAIK, the only current Garmin external GPS that would be compatible with a tablet is the GLO (see my link above). However, Android does not support external Bluetooth devices natively. You need another free program to allow the GLO to work with a tablet, and you must change some system configuration settings.

This isn't terribly hard, however there can be some glitches and you need to do some things that aren't officially supported by Android. So if you are not terribly experienced with computers, I would put this off for awhile and just use the tablet's internal GPS. After you are comfortable with using the map and software, then you can add and external GPS.

For now, I think all that you need to do is download Oruxmaps from the Google Play store. You would do this directly on the tablet while it is connected to wifi. It is free, here is their website:

After you get Oruxmaps running, download Bob's Oruxmaps files and instructions from the link he posted. As I said, I haven't used them, but he indicated that the download contains everything you need, including instructions for installation.

His download is a .zip file, so if you download it on your PC you would right-click on the file and choose "Extract All" in Windows. This should give you a folder with the map and documentation.


Hollywood, I sent you a PM with my contact info so we can discuss offline.  I can walk you through the process.



I have a GNS2000 GPS that works with both my iPad and with Locus on an Android Smartphone (not that I need it for Android because the internal chip is good - but one has to test these things!).


So I need to download them and open them on pc then transfer them to the android