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Hello I am new - need help

Started by r0ck5, May 14, 2016, 12:09:06 PM

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I have Garmin Oregon 600 handheld. I am learning use to use it. Today I downloaded five Cache from Geocaching web site. Here is what I did - I clicked where we want go find cache. Then next step press GO. Then it came up Route Calculation error: Maps do not have routable roads in this area? I am frustrating and trying to figure it out. Help someone will chime in to solve my problem. Thanks!


The message means just what it says. You do not have routable maps and therefore the device cannot calculate a route. Maps must be built in a special way to support routing along roads and trails. With this kind of map, all the GPS can do is draw a straight line from your position to the destination.

If you would like it to do that, you would need to set your activity type to direct routing. I don't have an Oregon, but on my Montana 600 I would press Setup > Routing > Activity > Direct Routing.

Have you installed any maps on your Oregon? The GPS does not include any useful maps right out of the box, just a really crude and inaccurate basemap. If you would like a detailed topo map, look at what's available here:

Just keep in mind that almost none of the maps on this site support routing, so you'll see a detailed map on the screen but you can only route in a straight line as described above. If you want a topo map that supports routing, you could purchase one of Garmin's 24k Topo series. They are rather expensive, but they will give you turn by turn directions from your location to your destination.

The free openstreetmaps support routing but are not topos. You can download them here:

The advantage of the Garmin products is that you don't need to figure out anything complicated to install/use them and you can get hand-holding from Garmin tech support if you need it.

I don't know anything about Geocaching. If you have questions about that, visit:


Boyd, Thank for replying the message. I was playing with it then I think I solved the problem. IN order to use geocaching, I change profile to Geocaching. After select geocaching, apparently switch to geocaching program. Now i was able to search caching. I haven't been out yet but do intend today afternoon or tmw. Thanks!