cGPSMapper - Windows 10 - crashes while building _MDR.img file

Started by slaghammer, December 24, 2016, 01:39:49 PM

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I'm trying to compile a routable map with POI indexing with cgpsmapper commercial routing version.  It has always worked for me, but now the *_MDR.img file never gets made, and cgpsmapper quits and leaves a file named "mdrdata" which appears to be a MySQLI database.  I'm using the same data I used before when it worked and the only difference is I'm using Windows 10 now.  It doesn't report an error.

Anyone run into this problem?  Anyone have any ideas?



There are multiple issue that can crash cpreview without any notice. I think that could be empty labels, leading spaces in labels, incomplete addresses, probably more. When it happens to me, i try to find which img causes problems and then I divide mp source for img to find which objects is wrong. Sometimes simply using different way to split map into tiles solves crashing.