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Garmin 62s: which .gpx files to read?

Started by caver456, March 22, 2016, 07:25:00 PM

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Is there any 'official' documentation or user experience on the 'new' .gpx file system structure referenced in the following link, with files such as Garmin/GPX/Waypoints_<date>.gpx, and Garmin/GPX/Current/Current.gpx not having any data at all?

(sorry I can't post an external link - google for "mapsource and my gpsmap62s" - it's a Garmin forum link from 2010)

If I just use the hand-waivey approach and read all the Waypoints_*.gpx files, how do I know there won't be duplicates?  It would be nice to know the exact file system structure and reasoning and the full 'spec' on when and how the files get created.  I know that's probably asking too much...?