Saving tracks from 76CSX to Basecamp - see only 'internal storage'

Started by ampflp, March 22, 2016, 03:24:46 PM

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I have been using Mapsource, and every week or so I connect and receive the tracks from the 76CSX to my Windows machine - no problem.
I just installed Basecamp and am attempting to do the same thing - thought it would be straightforward.   

It sees the GPS but the left side - where all the docs say should show tracks - shows only 'internal storage'.   I read about putting it into mass storage mode, so I tried that.  I see a file 'gmapsupp.img'  but no idea if this is the tracks file or what I should do from here.

My goal  - simply to upload the tracks From the GPS To my windows machine -    any help will be really appreciated!


Old devices like the 76 do not store tracks in user-accessible memory like newer devices. The older devices used a proprietary Garmin protocol originally developed for slow RS-232 serial interfaces. The computer initiates a "conversation" with the GPS, requesting data, the GPS says what data it contains and then provides the tracks/waypoints/routes as requested.

Mapsource uses the Transfer > Receive from Device menu for this, as I assume you already know. Basecamp does this the same way. Use the Basecamp transfer menu to initate the "conversation" with the GPS and download the tracks to your collection.

Now the only caveat is, I have a 60csx which is functionally identical to your 76csx (only difference is the 76 floats). The last time I tried to do this with Basecamp, I could not get it to work. Most of the time it would not recognize the 60csx at all.  Other times it recognized it, but could not receive any data.

I didn't spend any time troubleshooting this since I no longer use the 60csx, and I could always use Mapsource if needed. So I don't know if something is odd about my GPS, computer, etc. But it still works the same as always using Mapsource with the same GPS, cable and USB port.


76CSx/60CSx are somehow unique, since they have 2 methods of registering tracks. One is the same as for other Garmin devices, it saves data in internal memory. These data should be accessible, when device is connected in standard USB mode or by RS232. I'm not sure about RS232 but USB should work with BaseCamp.

Other method is a kind of permanent tracklog. It registers data on root of SD card. This can be accessed only in USB mass storage mode. I guess these tracks won't be visible by BaseCamp but can be imported by drag & drop or menu file -> import.


Thank you both for responding.   I tried again several times today, and (while doing nothing different!) it this time allowed me to do the 'receive from device'  - that had been grayed out before.   So - it all works - looks a bit different, but all the functions I need seem to be there..   
thanks again -