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Maps for handheld GPS units

Started by Niku, April 10, 2016, 10:12:15 AM

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I wanted a handheld GPS unit for use in cities. I finally bought a Garmin nuvi 205 after taking size and cost into consideration. However, I've often wondered about the really small GPS units. Can they be used in cities, or are they exclusively for use in the wilderness? I ask because all of the maps I've seen for downloading into these small units are for use in places like Yosemite, etc. Can't you download regional maps, including city streets into these units?


Can you give an example of a "really small GPS unit"? Garmin's smallest handheld is the eTrex 20 and would be compatible with most of the maps on this site as well as Garmin's commercial maps like City Navigator. Garmin also has some small fitness/bicycle models that should work with any map. And they even have a wristwatch that will use their maps. If you tell us which specific model you're interested in, we can probably tell you what maps would be compatible. But the maps on this site are only for use in Garmin devices.

In today's world, for what you describe, a phone would really be a better option IMO. Even if you don't want to get a data or voice plan, a used android or iOS phone would make a good GPS with maps you can store on the device (these can be loaded over wifi). Lots of different apps to choose from with a variety of map options. Garmin has the StreetPilot app for the iPhone that is virtually identical to the Nuvi.